Thursday, November 10, 2011

Freedom In The World: 1983-2009

The number of countries around the world classified as “Free” has grown significantly in recent years:

Free: 54
Partly Free: 47
Not Free: 64

Free: 75
Partly Free: 73
Not Free: 38

Free: 89
Partly Free: 55
Not Free: 48

Free: 89
Partly Free: 62
Not Free: 42

However, this positive trend is tempered by the large numbers of people still living under conditions of tyranny. As of 2008, 34% of the world’s 6.68 billion population lived in countries designated as “Not Free,” that is, areas with extremely restricted political rights and civil liberties. The 42 countries in the “Not Free” category are ruled by a range of military dictatorships (as in Burma), traditional repressive monarchies (as in Saudi Arabia and Bhutan), dominant political parties (as in China and North Korea), foreign occupiers (as in Tibet and Western Sahara), or are in a state of transition.*

*Freedom House, Freedom In The World,

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