Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shooting Bullets In The Air

- I was a paramedic with the Israeli Army stationed in Nablus. I saw a lot.
- For example?
- Palestinians like to fire off rifles at their weddings.
- I've read about it. They seem to believe the bullets go up and up without stop.
- But the bullets come down.
- And they like to aim their rifles directly up? Imagining themselves growing taller along the bullet's path?
- Imagining themselves closer to god.
- And the bullets come down on them.
- Yes.
- You saw that?
- I saw the wounds. I had to treat them.
- Do you know what this reminds me of?
- What?
- A journalist in L.A. sent me an email a few days ago. She was writing a book on women who use men for profit and leave only destruction behind. She'd heard about my wife and me. It was a big story, and she wanted to feature it. We exchanged more emails:
 - Will you consent to be interviewed?
 - Yes. 
-  Are you still married? 
- I'm not a lawyer, but probably we are. 
- Will you testify in court? Sign the affidavit copied below on the email? 
- Why this legal interest? What happened to the "big story" you're working on? I should have asked before: what led you to me? 
- I know a girl from Church who knows the doctor your wife married.  The doctor is suing her for divorce, and she wants money.
 - I see. So she really married the doctor? 
- You two should work together, not be enemies. 
-  I tried to warn him she had a husband.
- This woman has to be stopped.
- Is this true? Your wife married again without being divorced?
- And after I told her future husband she already was married. I don't know what the doctor expects to gain by hiring a journalist to gather information, if that's what's going on. If she knew the marriage wasn't valid, so did he. If afterwards they lived together like a married couple, in California the same division of property rules apply as to divorce. It's like he went into the marriage for the pure joy of the celebration.
- Like shooting bullets in the air.

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