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The Girls (a story of revolution)


State Detention Facility, Northern California

- I heard this story coming here. A gang of girls is killing their boyfriends. The police haven't any evidence yet. You girls know anything about that? No? A girl kills her boyfriend, you know why?
- Why, professor?
- I imagine her saying, you disregard me, take my love, act like I don''t have a right to live. If I don't have a right to live, you don't have a right to rule.
- Cool.
- When girls get out of here, does the State of California care if they live or die? The right to property is more important than right to life. Others property is more important than their lives. The girls don't have any property. They'll get some, or die. They'll just have to die.
- Life's not fair.
- Why do they accept that? Why die for the idea of property? Why don't they say to the State Of California, if I don't have the right to live, you don't have the right to rule?
- They don't know who to kill.
- And if they did, nothing would change.
- The world is a better place without my guy.
- What happened to him? Forget it. We don't think things can change, that's the problem. Boyfriends die right and left, but the right to property is still placed ahead of right to live. Some other guy will come along and try to take possession of some girl. What is property? Can any of you tell me?
- Your things.
- Things you use. Imagine I made you an offer. Keep what you use. But here's the deal: if you give up the right to what you don't use, I will give you what you don't have now, a right to live. Will you take the deal?
- Maybe I want to get rich.
- Or die trying.
- Yeah.
- Why do you want to get rich? Wait, I'll read you something:
For it is certainly nothing new that those who are being violated dream of violence, that those who are oppressed “dream at least once a day of setting” themselves up in the oppressor’s place, that those who are poor dream of the possessions of the rich, that the persecuted dream of exchanging “the role of the quarry for that of the hunter,” and the last of the kingdom where “the last shall be first, and the first last.”*
Girls want to be queens, sure. When they grow up. But right now, would they take the deal?
- Professor, some like their books, some like their fights.
- Would the girls fight for the deal?
- Fight who?
- The people who have more than they can possibly use.
- They'll give some of that extra property to others dying to have it. They'll have an army against us.
- Sure. But some girls like to fight.

*Frantz Fanon's "The Wretched of the Earth"


State Detention Facility, Northern California

- Where are the rest of you?
- Gone. We're getting out tomorrow. Why are you here?
- They needed teachers.
- Is that what you are?
- A Substitute.
- What do you get?
- 350 dollars for a day.
- How much in your wallet?
- I see. Right to life ahead of right to property. Put my money where my mouth is. Tell you what. I'll set my wallet down on the desk. Take it, if you think it's right. Or take it anyway. Only answer my question.
- What question?
- I don't have a right to property that takes away your right to live.
- You said.
- When you get something, and don't use it, still, you don't you want anyone else to use it. Why?
- Because it's mine.
- What does that mean? "It's mine".
- It's my property.
- Yes. But why do you want it?
- I like it.
- Say I make some money at work, use it to build a house, and live in it. I make some more money, don't have to use it. What do I do with it? If I don't make the mistake of arriving in the wrong classroom with the wrong three girls.
- Put it in a bank.
- Hide it under your mattress.
- Invest it.
- Bank it, or hide it, I might do, for emergencies, or if I had a family I wanted it passed down to. Those are deferred uses. Investment can be a deferred use too. But let's say it isn't. I don't have any use for more money, I don't want more money to do more things. Why would I invest money if I have no practical need for making more money?
- Profit. The game of making money.
- Why would I play such a game? Keep property for myself, and away from others, for the sake of getting more property for myself and keeping from others.
- For the the fun of it.
- As an art. What is the use of such an art?
- For its own sake.
- Children play games to learn about the toys they play with. Artists make models of the world and their experience in it that help them see the world more clearly. What does practicing the skill of making money for its own sake, not to use it, get us?
- We feel strong. Know we can buy anything.
- Is that useful?
- Why not?
- We said the money is invested because we have no use for it. What use is feeling strong because you know you can make money with money? Everyone is superstitious, at least a little, sometimes. Do you know why?
- No, Professor.
- Superstition begins with fear. You do something that is associated with what you are afraid of, and you are afraid of doing it again, lest it come to pass. Why?
- "Lest it come to pass!"
- Leaving the house in the morning a dog barks at you. You're afraid if you go out the same door, more bad things like dogs barking will happen, so next time you go out the other way. Now, what does the banker do?
- What?
- The banker repeats the act of making money. Money suggests to bankers power and safety. What if the repetition got us something not suggestive of money and power, but suggestive of weakness? Remember the money is not used, there is no real reason for repeating the act of making it, as there is no real reason for avoiding going out that door to the barking dog. Superstition is being afraid to repeat an act that has no real reason not to be repeated, as the banker's repeatedly getting more possessions without use is equally without purpose, is done for security from fear.
- You're saying money making is a kind of superstition?
- No. I'm saying both making money for its own sake and superstition are rituals. Rituals are repeated actions that have their purpose in the security we feel in knowing we can repeat them. Because you must pay attention to them, rituals leave you blind to the world outside their practice.
- The blind bankers see well enough to make money.
- They're blind to everything in the world but what they take to use in their rituals. Everything else out in the world is attacked, stripped of resources, then left to fend for itself. The world becomes more and more inhospitable, rituals more attractive. People who believe in the right to acquire unused property treat each other as they do the world in general, as resources of acquisition. They leave each other to destruction. They don't know why they shouldn't.
- Tell me again why they shouldn't.
- They become blind to themselves, to others, and to the world. If there is such a thing as a magical property right, a rule that has a basis somehow in the world, outside of what is good for people who live in the world, it is a destructive magic.
- Bad magic. I like that. So. Professor. Or magician. I don't know if you have more money than you can use. You look rich.
- There's a simple way of finding out. You need to know two things, first, if I employ anyone, second, if I employ money for the sake of making more money. Say I own three houses. If I can't employ anyone I won't be able to take care of the three, they'll fall to pieces. No one has reason to enslave himself to another for wages who has property, who has any choice. But if I collect things I don't use I'll be unconcerned with the needs of others, and have no problem enslaving them for wages. Look for employees or abandonment.
- If I don't have a house and can't get food, I say: you people with house and food, you have no right to stop me from having the same. When I have it, people say to me, you have no right to employ anyone, because no one would accept employment who had a house and could get food, and a right to property can be only what everyone accepts is good for all, and that is house and food. Good, Professor?
- Very good.
- I've got your wallet here, in my hand. I'm the cop, you're the suspect. Do you have investments?
- No.
- Do you employ anyone?
- No.
- Do you have a house?
- No.
- Do you have a way of getting food?
- Uncertain. You tell me this job is over.
- I can take money you can't use, right?
- If you want to be right.
- I'll keep this for now. Invest the money for you.
- In what?
- Tell you out in the yard. Let's go, you guys.


State Detention Facility, Northern California, Yard

- You think they understood that, Prof?
- Can I have my wallet back? No, I don't. They can't watch us here?
- The girls smashed all the cameras before they left. Where are we going?
- Thailand. Bangkok.
- Cool.
- Hot, actually. Don't get into any trouble. See you tomorrow. Outside.


22nd floor penthouse apartment
Bangkok, Thailand

- This is the pornographer?
- Where did you find these girls?
- Calm down. This is the programmer, the hacker. He works for the pornographer. These are the girls. They found me.
- How?
- Jer, here, was at Occupy Wall Street, last year.
- You too?
- Me too. Briefly. Jer met the driver there. He's our way into the building. Tell the girls about your job.
- I'm into the banks. I've got personal data from Amazon, Google, Google, Apple. No problem. It's done.
- Tell the girls how.
- I'm a pornographer, right? With access to personal information about consumers of pornography?
- You blackmailed the CEOs.
- No, the girls are going to take care of the them. The corporate quants had what I needed. Here, I'll play back a chat history on one of the sex sites I work on. Watch. The robot chatting with the customer learns about his likes and dislikes, learns what to say next based on the customer's response, first simply on whether the chat is ended or continued, then whether the customers spends money, then how much money he spends. We've taken this artificial intelligence and applied it to our operation to convince people dangerous to us not to oppose us.
- The army, police.
- Yes.
- Does it work?
- We've tried it out on American soldiers stationed here. Sent girls to chat with them at bars Most were already our customers. We knew their interests in sex, knew what music they liked, movies they liked, books they read. Our girls brought up the subject of social injustice. They responded. We recorded their response, and how the girls responded again, and recorded the response to that. Robot artificial intelligence learned politics chat exactly like it learned sex chat. The more chats, the more the soldiers were convinced.
- Said they were convinced. Only words.
- Well, yeah. There's the money too. That's in the mix. Essential, but not my job. Are we finished here? Take the girls, Professor. Tell them about the money.
- Kick his chair, Jamie.
- Hey!


22nd floor penthouse apartment
Bangkok, Thailand

- This is Mose.
- The pornographer
- Be good.
- My wife, my daughter, playing over there.
- Nice to meet you.
- What made you a pornographer?
- I'm a business man.
- Why are you here, Mr. Israeli?
 -Taxes. Don't fight with me. We're on the same side.
- How do you like being a pornographer?
- Cut it out.
- Why is he helping us?
- For the money.
- What are we paying?
- Enough to make him the richest man in the world.
- Are you an idiot, Israeli?
- He knows we will not be using dollars.
- So he's in it for the money. He's staying out. I'm glad. Let pornographers and bankers fight to the death
- I wants my daughter to live in a better world. Look at her. Isn't she beautiful? Wouldn't you make a world for her?
- Come on. We going to the beach.

* * *

Street of outdoor cafes, beach resort

- Speechless?
- You're the talker.
- Old men and little girls. Little boys. Walking hand and hand down the street. Romantic couples. 100,000 prostitutes in this one town alone.
- It's a lifestyle choice. That's what everyone says here.
- What do you say, pornographer?
- The girls choose prostitution over starvation.
- And you got rich from it. Rich men like you made the world that gave them such good choices.
- I'm ready to do something about it. Are you?
- I 've been ready for them a long time. I can't wait.
- Won't be long.
- Jamie, kick that old bastard there off his chair.


Service quarters, Park Ave. residence
32 apartments. 2 to each floor, average cost: $110 million

- How do we look?
- Turn around. Where's your name tag?
- My hair is on it. There.
- "Lauren, of APC"
- American Protective Clothing.
- Good. Sit down, girls.
- This is the day the most bodyguards told our appointment scheduler they'd be in the building for their free fittings That means their employers also are in the building. You have your own vests on underneath?
- Without optional attachments.
- Factory originals. First appointment, 2 minutes.


Service quarters, Park Ave. residence

- Stand over here, face the picture there of our president. Relax. Slip your arms through, the right, now the left. Perfect.
- What are the straps for?
- Imagine you are tying shoelaces. Reach behind, take the ends in each hand, cross them in front and lead them behind you. I'll take them now. Thanks.
- What was that? Isn't is too tight?
- Turn around.
- This can't be right. I can't move my arms. What? Put the gun down now.
- Are you going to make me? Step through that door to your right.
- I don't know what you think you are doing, but...

 * * *

- You didn't have to do that.
- He'll wake up.
- Drag him into the other room.  19 more to go.


Park Ave. penthouse apartment

- Michael, I told you to wait with the car.
- I brought some people to meet you.
- You what? You must...
- Sit down, Mr. Killen.
- Whoever you are, get out of my house.
- I'm sorry. I would like to stay, for the time being.
- We'll see about that. Michael...
- Hit him, Jamie.
- Professor, I've driven a car for Mr. Killen for almost ten years, and...
- No one is free to make another a slave.
- He's getting up. Help him to his chair.
- You look like an intelligent man. My driver calls you "professor". You must see that you don't have the right to decide what my rights are.
- I said no one is free to make another a slave. You can try, but others will try to stop you.
- No one is free to live life in peace and make another a slave.
- Jamie, my best student. Kick him down.
- Stop! Violence doesn't solve anything.
- Says the man who makes peace impossible by keeping slaves. Kick him.
- What do you want? What did I do to you?
- You gave me a world without peace where I have nothing better to do than indulge myself with childish tantrums. Please help Mr. Killen to his chair. Today we want an account set up with a balance. One trillion dollars. Not much, about the amount of the bailout the government handed you a few years ago. Tomorrow we'll want more.
- That's impossible.
- Jamie.
- No!
- Good. We're done for today.
- But how do you expect to get away with it? Kill me or not, the bank will follow the money.
- We plan on spending it all within a few minutes.
- That's impossible.
- Everything is impossible for you but keeping slaves. Take him to down to the others.


Park Ave, penthouse apartment

 - Any coffee around here?
- I'm not your slave. Who else?
- Just go. Bring service for all. Everyone, over here. Tell me. Why violence? Martene?
- People are slaves. Tortured, brainwashed, indoctrinated, punished for thinking, rewarded for obedience. They won't be free until they are given a chance to act free.
- What is that chance?
- A place of their own to live and food to eat.
- A chance to live without constant fear. Why don't people ask for it?
- They'll be told, "Our right to keep property to ourselves we can't use is more important than your right to live.
- And if the whole world of slaves said to their masters, We won't work for you anymore?
- The masters would try to buy them off. If that didn't work, they'd give everyone house and food, but keep them employees, and begin the game again of taking everything back.
- How?
- By controlling the conditions of employment.
- Details.
- Employees have to work to stay in their houses and buy food. Employers, by controlling investment, control how many jobs and how much jobs pay. Day by day employers create more job and pay insecurity. The more the insecurity, the easier it is to frighten employees into obedience. Soon once again employees are slaves.
- Tortured, brainwashed, indoctrinated. The alternative?
- Employment has to be outlawed. Property not used outlawed, considered to be abandoned. House and food are not enough.
- Will the employers allow that?
- No.
- Why not?
- They wouldn't be employers, wouldn't have more property than others.
- So?
- They'd use their money and power to stop it from happening.
- Has there ever been a revolution outlawing employment and unused property?
- Yes.
- Where, when?
- In the 1930s, Southern Spain, during the Civil War.
- And?
- The Ukrainian Free State, during the Second World War.
- And?
- Southern Mexico, presently in power. The Zapatistas.
- Were any established without violence? Without war?
- No.
- Here's the coffee.


 Elevator to penthouse, Park Ave.

- Plenty of room. Wheel the computers in. Move back, billionaire.
- You know...
- We know what?
- I have a son your age.
- In a gang?
- No. A student in his rebellious youth of 20th Century anarchism. His doctoral work was on the Paris Commune.
- We know the history, billionaire.
- Then you know in the few times in history anarchism has been tried, the way was prepared by decades of effective organization. You don't have that advantage.
- How do you know?
- Believe me, I'd know. Information is my business.
- We've got our gangs. You haven't considered that.
- Don't talk to him.
- Have you considered that also the threat of war, great disruption of ordinary life, was needed before anyone would listen to radical ideas?
- That's where you come in. We're there.


Penthouse, Park Ave.

- Mr. Menoch. You know your 11th floor neighbor Mr. Seeches. You two have something in common. Financiers both, both also own industries personally. Media is Mr. Menoch's business, banking yours, Mr. Seeches. You own and direct banks and broadcast companies.
- I can advise operating officers...
- No, Mr. Seeches, we don't want to hear it. You will do what I say. You know the alternative. You also, Mr. Menoch.
- What are you going to do?
- You are going to do what you do, finance. Sit down before the computers. Today you will be financing individuals, not other financiers. Access your accounts.
- I will not! I cannot even if I wanted to interrupt daily operations.
- You are under a misapprehension. We already have access. We already have the account information of every soldier, police officer, food stamp recipient in the country. About 50 million people. Your money is already in their accounts. A million dollars each.
- You'll crash the money supply.
- A mere 3 or 4 times the national debt. We can discuss the matter further another time. Your calender has been cleared. We have asked you here today to explain to the cameras - see them standing by the windows - to explain your generous gift to the people of our country most in need and deserving of assistance. Please identify yourself, the names of your most widely known companies. Then say what is written on this board:
It is my hope that with this money no one in our great country will have to work for another. In the future, whether we work alone, or work together, it will be our own choice. 
 You go first, Mr. Menoch.
- I will not.
- Jamie.
- Alright! I'll do it.


Camp David, presidential compound

- Where is the President?
- We didn't think it was necessary to involve him at this stage.
- Have you heard from your father?
- No.
- What did the Center For Disease Control say?
- Their site reports an outbreak at the Park Ave. address.
- Who planted it?
- They don't know.
- What are we going to do?
- Nothing, for the moment. No one is going in, no one going out.
- And the money?
- Your opinion?
- Worst case, we have a lot of new customers.
- Worst case is they outlaw banks and we have no customers.
- General, are you prepared to shut down their internet communications?
- The internet was designed to make that impossible.
- Have you tried? We instructed you...
- We tried. Look. I'll show you what happened. They directed their instruction through this regional node. Pulsing light, there. We shut it down, and they went here, then here, then here. You see? We'll have to shut down the whole system to stop them.
- Adverse affects?
- Which is worse: 50 million new millionaires spending our money, or the internet down, all business disrupted? Not my area of expertise.
- Senator?
- They have no real organization. I allow that their video, Take It Back or whatever it was called, was slick. But without someone holding their hands workers won't throw out their bosses. If we shut down the internet every worker will be on his own.
- If we shut down the internet social services will break down. People will double down on the trouble, take over their workplaces.
- A possibility.
- General: will your soldiers assault worker occupied factories?
- We'll have to see.
- That's not an answer.
- If it looks like the majority of Americans like being millionaires and running their own lives, I don't think our millionaire soldiers are going to kill them.
- And I don't think I like your attitude.
- Your father told me once you were an anarchist.
- He's fond of conveying that misinformation. I studied anarchism.
- Well, you have that in common with that out of work school teacher holding your father hostage. Your education makes you an asset to our team. We'll be continuing to call upon your guidance.
- Go to hell.
- You have your instructions, General. Shut it down.


Northern Finland, freight airport, hanger

 Hello, Georgyi.
- Where're the boys and girls?
- Outside. Flying around.
- Everything ready?
- Loading.
- Routers and sticks?
- Don't worry.
- I have to worry. What are you watching?
- A lecture from early last year. A philosopher.
- Summarize.
- I know it's little late for theory. A weakness I have.
- I'm worried it won't work.
- Have you seen the video we sent out? Before the internet was unplugged? "Take It From Here".
- Summarize. And cut the sound.
- We show how our kids are there waiting. Willing and able to chase out managers and owners. Only a call away. These scenes show how communications have been re-established. Sticks parachuted for their computers and phones. Orbiting and stationary routers launched. This is real footage, not CGI.
- Working?
- Perfectly. Minimal losses. Don't worry.
- Tell me about the philosopher.
- He begins with this story of attending a conference and asking the billionaire financier who sponsored it, Would he help the new Occupy Wall Street movement? The Billionaire answered, not at this moment, in times of disorder, making a change creates more disorder.
- The timing was wrong. The timing is right only in orderly times, when change can be absorbed without being too disruptive.
- And so that that time never comes a climate of continuous panic is created.
- Does the philosopher say how?
- Yes. The media reports all the problems of the world, with never a suggestion of what to do about them. Problems, new ones all the time, with no solution, give the audience a feeling both that things are bad but nothing can be done about them, and that though bad, very bad, things have been bad a long time and we are still here, so need do nothing. Everything is bad but fine.
- People are panicked into doing nothing. Into being satisfied with doing nothing. Clever.
- Downing the internet will create a panic people will want to do something about.
- And our boys and girls are there to show them what to do. Call them down from their planes. I want to talk.


Northern Finland, freight airport, hanger

- Many of you have seen this video before, our Professor and Jamie's boy...
- Hey, man...
- Recorded by phone in the Silverlake area of L.A. Watch:

- Drinking beer, sitting out on the porch. This is definitely the house where the party is.
- No, Sir.
- Why do you call me Sir?
- So I won't get arrested.
- You're in a gang?
- Yes.
- Sir means father. I'm not your father.
- What do we call you, Bro?
- Call me "Bro".
- You teach?
- I can teach you anarchism.
- What's that?
- People work for others when they own no property. They own no property because others have accumulated for themselves masses of things they can't use. Owning things you can't use is insane. Threatening people who have no property with death from starvation and exposure if they don't slave for you is insane. Do you agree?
- That's the world.
- In fact it's not. Look around you. Just as many people like to get rid of things and like to make gifts of them. People like to share and help those they live with.
- Sounds like a gang.
- Yes. You don't like to own things you can't use, you don't like to order people about. You live under threat of violence, you respond with violence. The insanity of slavery and useless accumulation always produces a violent response. The only society that both isn't insane and doesn't lead to violence is one that outlaws slavery and outlaws ownership of things you can't use.
- That's what anarchist want?
- Yes.
- How will they get it?
- Revolution
- It will never happen.
- What happened to your eye?
- My girl, the bitch.
- Bro, you must be referring to your Sis, Jamie. She invites you to the revolution.

- Quiet down. It's not that funny. Kids! A lot has happened in the three days we've been here. Our 50 trillion dollars bought you novice fliers your helicopters and planes. It bought your teachers too, but let's not dwell on that. Back in the USA it bought a lot of people a lot of houses and cars. Here, watch the internet go down. Traffic chaos, signals down, crowds streaming out of office buildings where work has stopped. And there's our American president, announcing on behalf of the government that the people aren't really owners of their new houses and cars. It was all a mistake. Clerical error. Give it back, people. Some are. Others aren't. Some are moving immediately into their new homes. See that happy waving family? We're going to help them. Jamie, how did you girls do?
- The gangs? The boys are going along.
- How many can we expect?
- If they'd been to prison, we made them a millionaire. We'll have an army of millions. Where are we sending them first?
- Where the food is.


Draper's Supermarket, Beverly Hills, California

- Stay by the helicopter. Direct the curious to the market. Ok?
- Yes, Ma'm.
- Go to hell.

- Girls! Set up the cameras. Get the employees out here.
- Wait. Hand the telephones out while your at it.

- People: where are your supervisors?
- They ran when they saw the helicopter.
- Good. You know who we are?
- Revolutionaries.
- Santa Claus.
- Santa Clausettes.
- The Girl Gang Christmas.
- You'll see this is no joke. I don't believe in violence.
- Ma'am, if we lived in a world that listened to reason, we'd be reasonable.
- Heard it before. The war to end all wars.
- Maybe this time we know how.
- Maybe not.
- You're welcome to opt out. The rest of you: you own this place. Your job is to give away food. Let no one take more than they can use.
- How will we stop them?
- Call us. Call us if the managers return.
- But the phones are down.
- Our phones work. Who here doesn't have their own place to live? Lives with family, friends?
You, you. You. Let's go shopping. Sami: how'd it go?
- Video looks good.
- Send it out. Come on!

to be continued...

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